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The Extreme ab and arm wheel is a game changer and produces unique muscle activations and strength results in multiple muscle groups. It has a heavy duty construction from steel to wheel. Its patented neutral grip handle design better protects the shoulder joint and gives users more grip options and greater exercise versatility. The unique braking/stopping feature of the Extreme ab and arm wheel is great for beginners and allows intermediate and advanced users to perform a variety of challenging exercises.

Ken Frederick 
Founder of Frederick Concepts

Product Review
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"This ab wheel is the best one on the market. It gets heavy use at my gym. Comfortable handles and better overall workout. Thisthing is the truth."
-Clay Burwell, Owner Performance Gym

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The Grips

Traditional Horizontal Position

Side (Neutral) Grip Position

Vertical (Neutral) Grip Position

During roll out and return, handle end will remain parallel to floor.er
With inner palm resting around the outer bend. During roll out and return handle ends will remain parallel to floor.
Start roll out with handle ends parallel, but at end of roll out, handle ends will be pointed, upwards, towards ceiling. 
It is believed that by selecting neutral grip positions, either side or vertical, that you will benefit from a variation in emphasis and effect on your abs, arms, back, chest, and shoulder muscles.






What Users
Are Saying
“Glad I bought it!!! Thanks much man!!! It came way faster than I thought it would. Huge steelers fan and once I saw them got some units, I knew I had to get one! Definitely hits harder than any of those other shitty so called ab rollers. You're the real deal! Still got tons of mileage to put on it but it looks promising already. Being a college baseball athlete, I was able to crank out some plank handles facing inward rollouts and the handles point up rollout on knees. Can't wait to try out the handles up plank rollouts on feet. It hits every ounce of my upper body and lights up my core. It'll be a great challenge for years to come and will keep my friends and family's ego in check when they say they already have a rock solid core. Many blessings for your invention and here's to many years of crushing the ab and arm roller business!!!!!”
-Ben Castellano College Baseball Athlete

“I’ve used quite a few different ab rollouts devices over my years of training, however, the Extreme Ab & Arm Wheel from Ken Frederick is one of the most versatile and effective ones I’ve ever used.  Here are several of my athletes and clients including Austin Meadows, Leslie Petch, Matt Jordan, Jarius Wynn, and Ben Lai and clients demonstrating different progressions.  Besides, crushing the core and targeting the entire musculature of the abdominals the unique design and mechanics make it quite taxing on the upper body including the chest, tricepts, lats, shoulders and more.  I’s also incredible adaptable and versatile and can be modified for a number of fitness and strength levels.  In addition, the neutral grip position makes it much more shoulder friendly as it allows more natural centration and packing of the glenohumeral joint in comparison to ab wheels that use a pronated overhand grip.

The most basic variation where the athletes kneels on the ground and keeps the handle tips facing away from them is a movement that most intermediate trainees will be capable of (although advanced athletes will still feel it).  Flipping the ab roller so that the tips are facing towards you (as well as progressing to the feet) makes the movement exponentially more challenging giving even my strongest pro athletes and bodybuilders a run for the money.  In this video, I have several of my pro athletes and clients demonstrating the different variations starting with the more basic movements and progressing to more advanced ones.  If you’re looking for a simple and economic piece of training equipment that provides incredible bang for the buck, you can’t go wrong with the Extreme Ab and Arm Wheel.”
-Dr. Joel Seedman, PhD, www.advancedhumanperformance.com

“I am loving the Extreme ab  and arm wheel so far!  I even loaned it to a friend for the weekend so he could see how awesome it is!  The alternate grips offer a completely different feel for this movement than the standard ab wheel and my obliques and lower abs were completely lit when I finished.  I definitely felt the movement in my arms and shoulders as well and loved being able to change the grip options throughout!  So happy I found this item…I actually saw it recommended by one of the strength coaches I follow on IG but I can’t recall who.  If I come across the post again, I will let you know!! Awesome product!  Kee up the great work!”
-Dawn Lynch

 “I really enjoy the Extreme ab and arm wheel.  Its very comfortable for my shoulders and wrist.  The stability required is intensified.  I got the hang of it though in no time.  I love the ability to brake at any portion of the movement.”
-IFFB Pro Brandon Curry, 2013 Arnold Classic Brasil Champion, 2019 Arnold Classic Champion, 2019 Mr. Olympia Champion

“I received the ab and arm wheel today and I am very pleased with the product.  I was a little worried about the neutral grip affecting my forearm, but after trying it out, it seems to be fine.  I’m hoping that it helps strengthen it.  The neutral grip takes a little getting used too but feels great and I find, like a lot of people have said, that it affects the muscles differently than the normal grip.  I like the fact that I can do both with your wheel.  The neutral close grip pushup is also a nice feature.  And what I like about it is that it not only works the core.  If you concentrate on squeezing the muscle while pulling yourself back up, it gives the upper body and arms a great workout and it doesn’t take long to do so.  Your wheel is going to keep this 50 year old in shape for some time to come.:).  Thanks for this great product Ken!”
-Rick Gorge, Ontario, Canada

“I’ve had two workouts on your Extreme ab and arm wheel and I really like it!  I did 50 rollouts using the Extreme ab and arm wheel and then finished using the Ab Carver Pro.  I figured I would make sure that I’m doing smart prudent  progressions.  The lateral challenge was definitely impressive and the form challenge and lateral tri-cep definitely wins over the Ab Carver Pro.  Or for that matter any ab wheel!  I think your device is absolutely awesome, especiall for anyone who is wanting to develop grip/forearm strength.  For anyone who is planning on getting into the military and is wanting to increase their pull-ups, the Extreme ab and arm wheel will facilitate not only a strong core, but stronger forearm and grip strength.  The Extreme ab and arm wheel is conducive to recruiting the core and forearm muscles for deadlifts and clean and jerks.  The Extreme ab and arm wheel is definitely an improvement on the traditional ab wheels!  They say you can’t improve on the “wheel” but you did it!  Thanks so much!”
-Margo Lydia Le Chat, Certified Master Fitness Trainer, Certified Plant – Based Nutritionist, N.A.S.M – I.S.S.A – A.C.E

“The Extreme Ab & Arm Wheel has enhanced my core strength training workout.  This device is efficient in working several different muscle groups al at one time.  The results I have accomplished by using the Ab & Arm wheel for a small amount of time each day has exceeded my expectations greatly!”
–Matt Steinbugl, Purchased 2011

“There are many who claim to have a great ab roller, but the Extreme ab and arm wheel combines the comfort of positioning the arms in a neutral position allowing for those who yearn for the next level of arm and ab exerciser to create multiple exercises in one seemingly simple instrument, but with a complex number of exercises.”
 -Jude Massillon CSCS

 “I have had good results in the six short weeks that I have been using the Extreme Ab & Arm Wheel.  My stomach muscles are stronger and more toned, and I’m getting definition in both my shoulders and arms, particularly the triceps.  I have even lost some weight.  The wheel is easy to use, sturdy, and well balanced.  The exercises take only a few minutes a day and they are an excellent complement to my running and weight training work.  I am very pleased with this purchase because it is more effective than I expected."
 –Robert Lynch

“ I like it a whole lot.  It’s built like a tank so I don’t have any reservations about putting my whole weight onto the handles, and I really notice the difference between the conventional horizontal grip and the different neutral grip options.  Thanks for brings such a high-quality product to the market”
-Nick Jorgensen  
 “Its pretty phenomenal!  I’m impressed with the build quality, I was not expecting it to feel so high quality.  The neutral grip is really challenging.  Thanks for producing such a top notch piece of exercise equipment.”
–Joshua Litt, Sports Performance Group/Energice/Rolpal   

“As a former 2 sport division 1A college athlete from a family with a long legacy of athletic success, I am always looking for that new work out edge.  I tried the Extreme ab and arm wheel and was blown away by the results.  It is portable enough to take on my travels and easy enough to get a killer workout in my office and at home.  I have seen amazing gains in my strength and body tone in as little as 10 minutes a day!”
-Ray Leonard Jr. 

“I will tell you that your wheel is the only one that gets used at the gym, and we have every variation of ab wheel there is.  It’s simple, basic, and is key in developing functional balanced strength.”
–Kenny Sellers, Power Lifter 

 “I have incorporated the Extreme Ab & Arm Wheel into the team workout sessions for the various Juniata College student – athletes remaining on campus over the summer break.  The Ab & Arm Wheel’s handle configuration and sturdy construction has allowed our athletes to perform a variety of exercises designed to improve the essential components of physical fitness needed for the ultimate goal of enhancing sports performance.

I have found the Ab & Arm Wheel to be an excellent tool for safely working total body and core strength, stability and flexibility, while protecting the shoulder complex.  Because of these positive results received from using the Extreme Ab & Arm Wheel during our summer training cycle, we plan on incorporating the Ab & Arm Wheel into all of our sports teams future workouts.”
-Doug Smith, MS, CSCS, NASM – PES, USAW Senior Coach – Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, - Juniata College Fitness Director 

“Ken, just writing to tell you how challenging your product the Extreme Ab and Arm Wheel is.  This product takes the AB Wheel of old to a whole new level.  We recently had a pro boxer at the gym and as you know these guys can really work the Ab Wheel.  Well as other fighters looked on they too had to take the challenge and try the Extreme ab and arm wheel for themselves.  Well the general consensus was “Great, where can I get it?”

The horns as I call them are great for beginners and can be used as training wheels for stopping or gaining control on the way down to a horizontal plank position.  For the more advanced, the horns could be held “take the bull by the horns”, and relieves the elbows a bit an brings the arms in closer to the body for a stronger base.

I personally believe this is the best abdominal exercise wheel ever made.  The components are very tough and I believe I will have mine in use forever.  Thanks for inventing and producing the best abdominal exercise piece of equipment ever.”
-Richard “Army” Maguire – President, Ageless Strength Athletics, www.agelessstrength.com/ 

“Ab and Arm Wheel is awesome!  Finding it great for the lacrosse players strengthening forearm muscles!”
-Max Calder – President, Full Circle Fitness

 “As a Fighter Trainer and Exercise Physiologist, I find the Extreme ab and arm Wheel to be the best in the category because it protects the shoulder joint while allowing the Fighters or Athlete to work the Core and the Abs in a Safe manner.
 –James B. Jefferson M.E.S. C.P.T. C.S.N